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Simple and Effective

These words describe our approach to High Performance Driver Education (HPDE) and track day evaluation. Simple means an interface that just works. Effective is the reason to use CircuitNotes, with enough organization and detail to be useful. The results in your organization are happy staff, engaged instructors, and documented drivers.

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• Robust pre-event driver-instructor pairing communication, • Easy feedback form in your format on any device,  • Reduce event staff fatigue

What is CircuitNotes?

  • Robust tool for instructors to capture comments and student ratings from their mobile device.
  • Pre-event driver/ instructor pairing (dynamic, no separate management outside MSR)
  • Instructor briefing on each student with contact details, enabling pre-event communication.
  • Easy feedback form in your format from any device
  • Dramatic time savings for event staff to manage logs in the MotorsportReg (MSR) ecosystem.

How does it work?

Before the event, we'll help you build a question form to match your existing form or use a regional standard. The next step is to associate your event with CircuitNotes. Once associated, we keep it in sync using an advanced change-detection algorithm. Using your protocol, typically a few days before the event, send an email to your instructors though MSR with the link to CircuitNotes. When they log in, they'll see information for only their student including contact details, event history, and logbooks. If there is a cancellation or reassignment, those changes will be automatically detected and applied.

During the event, instructors can keep track of notes and provide draft ratings as they spend more time with their assigned driver - all right on their smartphone or other device. CircuitNotes adapts to any screen. Once the instructor is satisfied with their ratings they submit final feedback, which is staged to migrate to MotorsportReg.

CircuitNotes collects two types of feedback:

  • Instructor-driver feedback - These are instructors that are paired with a driver before the event through MSR. Instructors rate drivers using the event's question profile and can add free-form notes as well. Entry is easy on any device.
  • Checkrides - Designated instructors can see event history and logbooks for any driver as well as submit ad-hoc feedback. This feature is especially useful for checkrides and signoffs.

After the event, your event master or other staff curate and edit comments before easily migrating them to a driver's MSR logbook with one click. This completely removes time-consuming logbook transcription from paper-based forms or through the MSR interface. The chance to edit feedback allows organizations to correct spelling mistakes or seek more context for a comment from instructors.

Tightly integrated

We're proud members of the ecosystem and fully leverage their registration and assignments process.

Changes to your event are automatically detected and kept current. Includes instructor reassignments, cancellations, late additions, and other changes. We keep CircuitNotes in sync so your staff and instructors always see the current status of their role in your event on their device.

Data is kept in MotorsportReg. We push and pull data from MSR which means you can see feedback and logbook entries from the driver's entire history, even with other clubs and for events and organizations that don't use CircuitNotes. Data collected through CircuitNotes is migrated back to MSR so event organizers always see the most current driving history for a driver.

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